Palm Trees at the North Pole In August 2018 my children’s book about climate change was published in the Netherlands: Palmen op de Noordpool (Palm Trees at the North Pole). The book tells the whole story of climate change for children aged 10 and up: history, causes, effects, measures and myths. But all of course in a fun and quirky way, with lots of mammoths, volcanoes and steam engines. In the Netherlands the book got very good reviews, an honorary mention by the Dutch jury for the Golden Stylus and the Glass Globe for best geographical book for children. It has also won the Silver International Creative Media Award.

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Rights sold:
– Chinese Simplified
– Czech
– French
– German
– Italian
– Korean
– Polish
– Russian
– Spanish
– Norwegian
– Ukraine.

> Watch a quick browsing video here.
> Read the fact sheet about Palm trees at the North Pole.
> Sample translation of chapter four (about causes of climate change).

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