Palm Trees at the North Pole

Palm Trees at the North Pole is my non-fiction children’s book about climate change. The book tells the whole story of climate change for children aged 10 and up: history, causes, effects, measures and myths. But all of course in a fun and quirky way, with lots of mammoths, volcanoes and steam engines.

Foreign rights are already sold to 13 countries. In the Netherlands the book got very good reviews, an honorary mention by the Dutch jury for the Golden Stylus and the Glass Globe for best geographical book for children. It has also won the Silver International Creative Media Award.

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Snot, sneezes and super-spreaders

In May 2021 my children’s book about viruses was published. Of course the wonderful illustrations are made by Wendy Panders, who also illustrated the succesful Palm Trees at the North Pole. All information in the book was checked by Dutch virologist and WHO member Marion Koopmans and her department of Viroscience.

Snot, sneezes and super-spreaders (“Viruswereld”) is a comprehensive book about corona and other viruses. Therefore it will be relevant for years and years to come. It’s a book about scientists, runny noses, superspreaders, guinea pigs, vaccines, conspiracy theories, bats, pangolins and most of all: about humans. World of Viruses tells you all you need to know to understand pandemics and viruses.

For information about foreign rights please contact: 

Rights sold: Chinese, English, Italian.

Download a summary of the contents of this book (pdf)

Hey There, Earth Dweller!

Hey There, Earth Dweller! is a fun children’s book about planet Earth. It has been translated into 7 languages so far. The book covers topics such as the history of our planet, the origin of seasons, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, ice ages, climate change et cetera.

Rights sold:
– English-World
– Chinese Simplified
– Russian
– French
– Ukrainian
– Korean

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> Sample spreads of Hey There, Earth Dweller! in English

From Big Bang to Robot

Where does language come from? How was the first robot invented? Who came up with clothing? Children want to know everything and at times they wear out their parents with their relentless questions. Featuring one “beginning” per double-page spread, this is the perfect book for children with a healthy thirst for knowledge: lots of wonderful information about 38 topics. Including: the beginning of the universe, life, dinosaurs, clouds, science, internet and… you!

Rights sold:
– Simplified Chinese.

Winner of Flag and Pennant 2016

> Read the fact sheet about From Big Bang to Robot

About Marc

Marc ter Horst is a Dutch writer of science books for children. Marc studied literature, but soon found himself more interested in geology, astronomy and evolution. Working at the National Institute for Curriculum Development he discovered his real talent was explaining stuff in little words. Eventually he found the courage to become an independent copywriter and wrote for websites, museums of (natural) history and educational publishers.

In 2014 his first children’s book was published: Hey There, Earth Dweller! which has been translated into seven languages. His second book, From Big Bang to Robot describes the origin of 38 things like the universe, life, dinosaurs, language, the internet and children. It was rewarded with an honorary mention by the Dutch jury for the Golden Stylus. So were De oma van de oma van mijn oma (The granny of the granny of my granny, 2016) and De Wortels van Oranje (The roots of Orange, 2017). In 2018 he published Palmen op de Noordpool (Palm Trees at the North Pole), a very important and highly entertaining children’s book about climate change.


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